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Ensuring Preparedness: How Commercial Properties Can Safeguard Against Ice and Snow

Updated: Apr 22

Cars covered in snow from a blizzard.

As the winter season approaches, the specter of snow and ice poses significant challenges for commercial property owners and managers. From ensuring safe access for employees and visitors to maintaining operational continuity, preparedness is the cornerstone of effectively managing the risks associated with icy and snowy conditions.


Adequate preparedness for commercial properties encompasses a multifaceted approach beyond mere anticipation of the first snowfall. It involves a comprehensive strategy that addresses various aspects, ranging from proactive planning to swift response mechanisms in wintry weather.


First and foremost, Eastern assesses the property's vulnerabilities and potential hazards. Identifying areas prone to ice accumulation, such as entryways, parking lots, sidewalks, and emergency exits, is crucial. This assessment informs the formulation of a detailed snow and ice management plan tailored to the property's needs.


Proactive measures are essential in mitigating risks associated with snow and ice. Establishing a pre-season maintenance routine that includes inspecting and repairing roof drainage systems, reinforcing insulation, and fortifying structural integrity helps prevent ice damming and potential structural damage.


Pre-treatment strategies play a pivotal role in effective ice management. Applying anti-icing solutions or brine before a snow event helps prevent ice formation, making subsequent removal more manageable. Identifying optimal de-icing materials and techniques based on property requirements and environmental considerations is vital.


Establishing partnerships with Eastern is a proactive step in ensuring prompt and efficient response to wintry conditions. We’re a dedicated team with the necessary tools and expertise to execute timely snow removal, ice control, and monitoring to maintain safe and accessible premises.


At Eastern, we know regular maintenance and monitoring during snow events are essential components of preparedness. Constant vigilance, timely snow removal, and addressing potential hazards significantly reduce liability risks associated with slips and falls.


Moreover, fostering a culture of safety and awareness among employees, tenants, and visitors is integral. Providing clear communication, safety guidelines, and protocols for navigating snowy and icy conditions reinforces a collective responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.


The preparedness of commercial properties for snow and ice is a multifaceted endeavor that demands meticulous planning, proactive measures, and swift responses. Eastern can help commercial properties navigate winter challenges effectively by conducting thorough assessments, implementing pre-season preparations, and ensuring safety and operational continuity during icy and snowy conditions. We're storm-ready, blizzard-prepared.

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