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What We Do

There are many ways to combat what winter brings to the Mid-Atlantic region and Eastern knows them ALL.

snow plow


sidewalk plowing



salting ice
snow relocation


liability concerns


Not every storm is alike

Each must be resolved with the proper services. After our meteorologists evaluate the current weather data, plans are put in place on what equipment, manpower and deicing applications will be used. Whether it is pre, during or post-storm Eastern stays up to date with current weather and site progress to make any decisions in a change of service.

Weather map of the Northeast
Eastern plow working.


The most used term in all of the winter service industry, but what does snow plowing really mean? This is the moving of snow from the parking lot to pre-determined areas highlighted on a site map. Our maps are approved preseason by our clients property manager during a site walk through.


We accomplish this task with everything from heavy equipment with large push boxes to trucks equipped with plows. Eastern uses the best plows and trucks on the market and upfits every vehicle for optimum efficiency and safety.

Snow Plowing


Sidewalks are the most difficult part of winters work. Most sidewalks usually take many laborers with shovels doing back breaking work for hours at a time. This process can be very inefficient causing time for snow or ice to build up resulting in impassable or dangerous walkways for customer or employees.


Eastern has invested time and money into innovations in sidewalk maintenance. We use new technology such as enclosed walkway tractors, brooms and specialty walkway plows. These machines may replace more than 18 laborers per machine.

Salt spreader


When temperatures drop it is salt and calcium that is used to combat potentially dangerous icy and snow packed surfaces. Anti-icing applications may be used well before a storm arrives creating a barrier to stop snow from packing and icing underneath once plowed or shoveled.


These treatments will also melt first increments of snow keeping a property safe while crews arrive and begin work. During and post storm we spread salt and calcium throughout the site to ensure proper melting of any residual snow and and ice that may have formed.



Many winters in the Northeast bring back to back storms some of which are even record breakers. When this occurs parking lots and sidewalks can quickly become overrun with excess snow. This results in limited parking spots, snow causing blind spots and narrow unsafe walkways.


Eastern has the ability to relocate or restack snow on the property. When the amount of snow is to much for the property to handle we are able to load the snow in trucks and haul it off site.

Dump truck full of snow.
Snow Relocation
Plans when consulting


Whether you are looking to hire a new snow contractor or want to review your current snow contract; Eastern can help. We have years of proven experience in the industry and can help review and change your existing winter plans for success. Lowering the exposure you have for liability can be accomplished with the right procedures and precautions that we can help you create and manage.


We are accredited from the top snow organizations in the country and stay current with the latest education and changes in our judicial system. Don't let another winter go by with the same plan that isn't helping your property or your budget.

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